Information Technology is a powerful business tool. Implementing the correct solution and ensuring that you have the necessary IT support can help your business achieve its objectives.

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The idea that you could predict exactly how much your existing IT Support is going to cost your business.


Running a small business is a 24/7 balancing act for most owners who must wear numerous hats on a daily basis, IT should not be one of them.


We are vendor agnostic and are externally verified by vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMware,, HP, DELL and many others.


21st Century Disaster Recovery solutions typically enable an organisation to minimise revenue loss in the event of service interruption by recovering key applications and systems quickly.


Information Technology can be a minefield for small businesses to navigate and selecting the right tools to increase productivity is a major challenge. Confusing jargon and a myriad of solution choices promising similar results can be daunting for all but the most battle hardened business owners and managers. IT is meant to be the support system for your business – working in the background to drive sales and increase revenues. Often it is seen as an unreliable burden and a major cost for an organisation. Let us put our experienced team of consultants to work to provide the appropriate solutions to create a springboard to success for your business using best of breed solutions.


We are vendor agnostic and are externally verified by vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, HP, DELL and many others.

We have a diverse and wide range of skills such as the design and implementation of IT infrastructure, Disaster Recovery, Offshore Hosting or Public/Private Cloud solutions. The combined experience of our technical engineers and consultants allows us to successfully provide custom, affordable solutions to our valued clients. Our technical staff are trained and vendor certified in areas such as e-mail and messaging, high availability, server virtualization, SAN or storage virtualization aswell as the more traditional LAN/WAN networking.

Furthermore, we offer a range of affordable IT support services options ranging from pro-active IT Managed Services with 24×7 Monitoring & Alerting to more traditional re-active break/fix IT Support services and each option is designed to meet the needs and budget of our valued clients.

DevOps Consulting Services

Advance your DevOps and continuous delivery capabilities for increased automation and efficiency.

With experience working with traditional and DevOps-enabled organizations, we understand both cultures and what it takes to transition from one to the other over time.

Consulting Services to Boost IT Network Performance

When you look at your overall IT picture, do you see a constant stream of “To Do’s”? Do you need a comprehensive IT strategic plan that addresses upgrades, technology transitions, capacity planning, and/or more efficient IT processes? Although these tasks may seem doable at first, most companies just don’t have the time, resources, or ability to keep pace with ever-changing technologies and the implementation of specific solutions, like a Server upgrade or other update.

We offers a breadth and depth of IT network consulting expertise that will ensure your IT plan is implemented correctly the first time and all the time

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